[ANNOUNCE] Apache Commons Validator 1.6 released

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[ANNOUNCE] Apache Commons Validator 1.6 released

The Apache Commons Team is pleased to announce the release of Apache
Commons Validator 1.6

Apache Commons Validator provides the building blocks for both client side
validation and server side data validation. It may be used standalone or
with a framework like Struts.

The main changes are:

* Modulus Ten Check Digit Implementation
* Generic CreditCard validation (syntax and checkdigit only; does not check IIN)
* CreditCard validation specification by numeric range

Details of all the changes in 1.6 can be found in the changelog:


1.6 is fully binary compatible to the last release. No client code
changes are required to migrate from version 1.4.x (or later) to 1.6.
The minimum required JDK version for this release is 1.6.

However note that the Javascript code has been dropped, see

Source and binary distributions are available for download from the Apache
Commons download site:


When downloading, please verify signatures using the KEYS file available at


Alternatively the release can be fetched from Maven Central:


For complete information on Commons Validator, including instructions on
how to submit bug reports, patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the
Apache Commons Validator website:


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