[ANNOUNCE] Commons Release Plugin 1.3 Released.

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[ANNOUNCE] Commons Release Plugin 1.3 Released.

Rob Tompkins-2
[This announcement is only going to the dev list.]

The Apache Commons Release Plugin team is pleased to announce the release of
Commons Release Plugin 1.3.

The Apache Commons Release Plugin is a collection of Java based Maven mojos for
Apache Commons
Release process. These mojos are intended to be used as a collection of steps to
be strung
together for the purpose of removing the manual steps required to produce an
Apache Commons Release.

Changes in this version include:

o COMMONSSITE-112:  Add a vote.txt file.
o COMMONSSITE-108:  Adding README.html and HEADER.html to staged release

o COMMONSSITE-117: Remove md5 signatures from release artifacts.
o COMMONSSITE-113: Put unpacked site in scm dev dist directory for navigating purposes.
o Update platform requirement from Java 7 to Java 8.
List of changes:
http://commons.apache.org/commons-release-plugin/changes-report.html <http://commons.apache.org/commons-release-plugin/changes-report.html>

For complete information on Apache Commons Release Plugin, including
on how to submit bug reports,
patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Apache Commons
Release Plugin website:

http://commons.apache.org/commons-release-plugin/index.html <http://commons.apache.org/commons-release-plugin/index.html>