[ANNOUNCE] Commons Skin 4.2 Released

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[ANNOUNCE] Commons Skin 4.2 Released

Alex Herbert-2
[Not cross posted to @announce since this is internal to Commons]

The Apache Commons Team is pleased to announce the availability of
version 4.2 of "Apache Commons Skin".

Apache Commons Skin is a Maven skin to apply the Commons styling to a site
built using the Maven site plugin.

Changes in this version include:

New features:
o   Optionally render bare <div class="source"><pre> tags using prettyprint.
    The functionality is enabled using custom properties to be added to the

Fixed Bugs:
o   Fix processing of custom <footer> element from commons-parent site.xml.
o   Update processing of <head> section to handle injected XHTML.
o   Fixed background on navigation menu collapsed icon from white to

o   Remove unused css files. These are not used in the current skin and
    are from previous skin versions.

Maven artifacts are available in the central Maven repository:

You can test Apache Commons Skin by adding the following to your site.xml
site descriptor for the maven-site-plugin:


    <!-- Custom properties controlling the commons-skin template. -->
        Convert preformatted source section tags to prettyprint:
          <div class="source"><pre> to <div class="source"><pre

      <!-- Add the "linenums" class to the prettyprint enabled source tags

The Apache Commons Team