[ANNOUNCEMENT] Apache Commons Net 3.8.0

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Apache Commons Net 3.8.0

Gary Gregory-3
The Apache Commons Net team is pleased to announce the release of Apache
Commons Net 3.8.0.

Apache Commons Net library contains a collection of network utilities and
protocol implementations.
Supported protocols include: Echo, Finger, FTP, NNTP, NTP, POP3(S),
SMTP(S), Telnet, Whois

Maintenance and bug fix release (Java 7).

For complete information on Apache Commons Net, including instructions on
how to submit bug reports,
patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Apache Commons Net


Download page:

Changes in this version include:

New features:
o           Add and use NetConstants. Thanks to Arturo Bernal, Gary Gregory.
o           Add and use SocketClient.applySocketAttributes(). Thanks to
Gary Gregory.
o           Add FTPClient.hasFeature(FTPCmd). Thanks to Gary Gregory.
o           Add FTPClient.mdtmCalendar(String). Thanks to Gary Gregory.

Fixed Bugs:
o           Fix concurrent counting of chunks in IMAPExportMbox. Thanks to
Gary Gregory.
o           Fix possible if rare NPEs in tests. Thanks to Gary Gregory.

o           Bump actions/checkout from v2.3.3 to v2.3.4 #69. Thanks to
o NET-685:  Update SocketClient default connect timeout from ? to 60
seconds #51. Thanks to Simo385.
o NET-695:  Apply SocketClient timeout after connection but before SSL
negotiation. Thanks to Gary Gregory, Possibly Cott.
o           Minor Improvements #71, #72. Thanks to Arturo Bernal, Gary
o           Bump actions/cache from v2 to v2.1.4 #73. Thanks to Dependabot.

Historical list of changes:

-Apache Commons Net team