[ANNOUNCEMENT] Jakarta-Commons Betwixt 0.7 Released

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Jakarta-Commons Betwixt 0.7 Released

The Jakarta Commons Team is pleased to announce the latest release of
common-betwixt from Apache.

Betwixt is a flexible, dynamic, start-from-beans xml-object binder. For
more information on Betwixt, please see

Betwixt 0.7 is a feature release adding numerous new features. It is
binary compatible with the last release (0.6) but there are a small
number of semantic changes. It is believed that these should have
minimal impact on existing users but these users are advised to read the
release notes.

Binary and source distributions can be download from
Since the distributions are download from mirrors, please check the md5
sum and verify the detach signature using the files linked from the
download page (hosted on an ASF server).  


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