[ANNOUNCEMENT] Right Commons-Cli 1.0 Jar Now In Java Repository

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Right Commons-Cli 1.0 Jar Now In Java Repository

For many months, the Apache java repository has contained an unofficial
snapshot named commons-cli-1.0 rather than the official 1.0 release.
This jar has been mirrored to ibiblio and made available through Maven
as commons-cli-1.0. I'd like to extend apologies to you all on behalf of
the Jakarta team for this mistake. Sorry.

The existing jar has now been replaced by the official 1.0 release.
(This change may take several hours to work it's way through to the
mirrors.) Maven users who use commons-cli directly or indirectly may be
effected by this change. It is recommended that maven users should wait
24 hours (to allow the mirrors to sync) and then delete the version of
commons-cli in their local repository. They should then rebuild and
retest their code. It is recommended that all who can should switch to
use the official release.

There is a small risk that some code may be broken by this change.
However, is no reason to suspect that the original jar has been tampered
with: it is just wrongly named. For those who require it, it is
available as commons-cli-20040117.000000 from ibiblio
(http://www.ibiblio.org/maven/commons-cli/jars/commons-cli-20040117.000000.jar). Some users may need to update their project.xml to use this version (rather than the official release).

Please direct any questions to the user list at Jakarta Commons


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