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[ANNOUNCEMENTS] Commons Lang 2.1 Released

Steven Caswell-2
The Commons Lang team is pleased to announce the release of Commons Lang 2.1 from the Apache Software Foundation. This release contains several new features and fixes, including:

 - New package org.apache.commons.lang.mutable containing basic classes that hold an Object or primitive and provide both get and set methods;
 - New DurationFormatUtils providing various methods for formatting durations;
 - New CharEncoding containing definitions of constants for character encoding work;
 - New CharUtils containing utilities for working with characters;
 - Various new methods in ArrayUtils, BooleanUtils, ClassUtils, ObjectUtils, StringUtils, SystemUtils, Validate, WordUtils, EqualsBuilder, ExceptionUtils, NumberUtils, DateUtils, FastDateFormat, and StopWatch;
 - New short prefix style for ToStringBuilder;
 - More flags in ReflectionToStringBuilder to control the output with regards to statics;
 - Renaming of the enum package to enums for JDK1.5 compliance;
 - Various bug fixes and enhancements

For more details see http://www.apache.org/dist/jakarta/commons/lang/RELEASE-NOTES.txt.

The binary distribution is available for download from


and the source from


When downloading from a mirror please check the signature using the keys from the main apache site


- The Commons Lang team

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