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[CommonPool] Behavior of GenericPool

Bhandari, Makarand

I'm trying to use Common Pool's GenericObjectPool in a project. The
documentation says that it uses a FIFO (First In First Out) behavior
that makes sure each object is regularly used (helps preventing

In my code, I add a bunch of objects to the pool, then borrow and return
them from/to the pool. When I do this, I keep getting the same object
back every time.

I took a look at the addObjectToPool() code and it says:

if((_maxIdle >= 0) && (_pool.size() >= _maxIdle)) {

shouldDestroy = true;

} else if(success) {

_pool.addFirst(new ObjectTimestampPair(obj)); }

Shouldn't this be _pool.addLast(new ..) ?? addFirst() causes the
returned object to sit at the front of the stack and is returned to you
on the next borrow. I'm trying to do some kind of load balancing among
all the connections in the pool and this throws me off.



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