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Michal Slocinski

I've problems with running commons-daemon under linux with non-root
privileges. I've one simple implementation of
org.apache.commons.daemon.Daemon interface (mms.Main) and trying to
run this one. Yes, I've read but problem
still exists even while I've capability loaded (Debian Sarge, kernel

I'm running:
./jsvc -debug -cp my-daemon.jar:commons-daemon.jar mms.Main

and last lines of debug are:
jsvc.exec debug: Running w/
jsvc.exec debug: redirecting stdout to /dev/null and stderr to /dev/null
jsvc.exec error: Cannot open PID file /var/run/, PID is 5609
jsvc.exec error: syscall failed in set_caps
jsvc.exec error: Service exit with a return value of 4

and jsvc exited.

Do you have any ideas what to do? I can put full debug log if it may
help ... I heard that Tomcat uses also commons-daemon, but I've 5.0.25
and it runs fine.

best regards,

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