Commons Email question: Threads and Transports

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Commons Email question: Threads and Transports

Joe Orost
Thanks for the Commons Email - it's WAY COOL!

I need to send emails to several hundred people that have subscribed to my
mailing list.
I was using the Mach5 mailer, but I've exceeded it's "free" capability, so I've
decided to roll my own.

I see when using Mach5, that it runs in 10 threads - would you recommend I do
the same thing in my Java code?

Also, should I do something to cache or reuse the Transport? - something
equivalent to:

    // to send multiple messages, we should:
    // Transport bus = session.getTransport("smtp");
    // for each message...
    //     bus.sendMessage(msg, address);
    // bus.close();

How would I do that with the Commons (and should I do it once, or once per

FYI: I'm sending a customized message to each person.

--joe orost

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