Custom Nested Bean XML Serialization

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Custom Nested Bean XML Serialization

Brian Ferris
I'm looking for an XML serialization library that allows custom  
mapping of a bean based on its parent bean.  Most recently, I have  
looked at Betwixt, but I ran into the wall that while custom mappings  
of beans are possible with '.betwixt' files or even direct  
manipulation of XMLBeanInfo objects, there is still only one mapping  
per class, and mappings cannot be adjusted based on the parent bean  

Is there some way to achieve this feature in Betwixt?  If not, can  
anyone recommend a different strategy or another library that might  
make this possible?  Basically, I'm looking for a solution that is  
focused less on XML serialization of objects so that they might be re-
digested later and more on generation of complex XML from beans.

Brian Ferris

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