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[DBCP] testOnBorrow and performance

Our java web application makes heavy use of the database.  A given HTTP
request may retrieve 4-5 connections to the database to complete its work.
This current mechanism to perform a "select 1" or a "select 1 from dual" is
FAR too expensive a request to validate that the connection is valid.  So I
am looking to use something that is lighter weight but still will perform
some validation.  My first thought was to change the validateObject method
to use the Connection.isClosed method and if a SQLException is thrown, then
the connection is no longer valid.  For the JDBC driver I am using
(inetsoftware - SQL Server - Merlia) this will at least verify that at least
the socket is still open.  I understand that in some cases, this would not
throw an error, but the database is not available.  However, in my testing
the Connection.isClosed method call catches 'most' occurrences of failure.
I am also thinking that the validation call when testOnIdle is enabled
should do a full test using "select 1..." .  So this would be two types of

Has anyone run into these kind of performance problems and what solutions
did you come up with?  I do NOT want to turn off testOnBorrow because we are
getting occasional socket errors in the application.  

Thanks for your input.

Concur Technologies
ICU Developer Lead