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[Jakarta-commons Wiki] Update of "MathWishList" by PhilSteitz

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Marked PRNG-pluggability complete (unless there are objections...;-)

   * Add alternative pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs)
     * "implement good random number generators, e.g., like those described in ''Numerical Recipes'' or Knuth". -- AlChou
     * I highly recommend working with Paul Houle [http://www.honeylocust.com/RngPack/] to get these random number generators integrated into the math library. He has stated to me in the past that he is willing to relicense them under the Apache license. As well I beleive that with the BSD being compatable with Apache licensing, there would be little stopping us from integrating them ourselves as a derivative work. - Mark Diggory
-    * Support PRNG-pluggability throughout the random package.
+    * Support PRNG-pluggability throughout the random package - COMPLETED
     * Investigate alternative methods for generating values from discrete distributions [http://www.jstatsoft.org/v11/i03/]
   * Add sparse matrix implementation. [http://mail-archives.apache.org/eyebrowse/BrowseList?listName=commons-dev@...&by=thread&from=736078]
   * Add submatrix accessors - [http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=30896]

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