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[Jakarta-commons Wiki] Update of "MathWishList" by PhilSteitz

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Added content from summer of code proposal

     * Oh, I remember now that with the standard deviation algorithm I researched, in order to maintain a '''rolling window''', it would have to store all the data in the window so it could delete the least recent one while adding the most recent one.  Sorry for the denseness. -- AlChou
   * Provide FFT's. -- AlChou
+  * [[Anchor(summerofcode)]] Numerical Enhancements (Summer of Code Proposal)
+    * performance tuning for matrix computation and add more decomposition methods
+    * univariate integration (Romberg is what I have in mind)
+    * true polynomial interpolation (as opposed to spline)
+    * univariate minimization
+    * robust derivative-free multidimensional optimization (downhill simplex)
+    * B-spline
+    * ODE solver

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