Multipart http request loosing parameters after first access.

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Multipart http request loosing parameters after first access.

Amey Jadiye
Hi All,

I'm using struts 1.2.9 and having requirement to upload  and process file,
obviously struts is handing multi-part request quite well however i'm
having some existing logic where we have created my own filter from where
all requests pass and i check authorization of user whether he is allowed
to send that request or not.

as struts handle multipart request in its own doFilter and beyond that code
and i need few of the request parameters in my own filter(before populating
form fields) i wrote some code and used Commons FileUpload jar as below in
my filter.

        List<FileItem> items = new ServletFileUpload(new

and i'm getting all the form fields and queryparams in the list, now the
problem is all those parameter are lost once i parsed request here, and
now  from request object and BeanUtil.populate can't set my FormBean. :( as
request object dont have it.

I saw code of commons fileupload but doesn't seems anything odd code which
is flushing all those parameters Can someone let me know if i'm missing
something here ?