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Pramodh Peddi
Hi Dirk/All,


A friendly reminder about the problems I am facing when using
commons-dbcp-1.2.jar. This is what happened so far in order:

I sent the junit test.

You tested the junit and said you are unable to reproduce the problem
(but, I can reproduce the problem with the same junit test).

You asked me the version of the library I am using.

I said I am using version 1.2.


I am still facing the two problems, first one being very severe, and the
second being a 'nice to have' thing.


I can list the problems again:

1. When using *abandon* settings, to close any dangling active
connections, it is not really closing the active connections after the
configured period of time. These are my settings:

factory = org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSourceFactory

username = myuser

password = mypassword

driverClassName = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

url =

maxActive = 15

maxWait = 360000

removeAbandonedTimeout = 1800000

removeAbandoned = true

logAbandoned = true

poolPreparedStatements = true

(Note: I tested with removeAbandonedTimeout = 60000, which is 1 minute
and it did not work)


2. When I specify the initialSize to be 12, datasource.getNumActive()
returns 12, which means there are 12 active connections lying around.
And I verified that these 12 connections are really active.






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From: Pramodh Peddi
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 10:05 AM
To: Jakarta Commons Users List
Subject: RE: [DBCP] removeAbandoned and removeAbandonedTimeout feature


I am using commons-dbcp-1.2. I used to use version 1.1 before, which did

not support initialSize parameter and that's one of the main reasons I

moved to version 1.2. And now that I think, wondering if shifting to 1.2

made *abandoned* stopped it from working (please note that *abandoned*

thing not working is one of the two problems I am encountering, along

with initialSize thing) as it REALLY worked before.








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From: Dirk Verbeeck [mailto:[hidden email]]

Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 2:07 AM

To: Jakarta Commons Users List

Subject: Re: [DBCP] removeAbandoned and removeAbandonedTimeout feature




Hi Pramodh,




Received, compiled and ran the test. But can't reproduce your problem.


What version of the DBCP/pool libraries are you using?




-- Dirk




Pramodh Peddi wrote:


> Hey Dirk,




> Just want to let you know that yesterday I sent you the junit test



> to your email @ [hidden email]. Hope you received it. Let me


> know if you have not received it or if you can't run the junit test.








> Thanks for the help.








> Pramodh.








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