RE: [Net] I'm having a problem using the listList files method in the FTPClient class

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RE: [Net] I'm having a problem using the listList files method in the FTPClient class

Kurt Kurniawan


If you still need this.

This is the snippet of my code:

                        FTPFile[] files = ftpClient.listFiles(directory);
                        //iterate and collect !!
                        for(int f=0;f<files.length;f++){
                                log.debug("Filename: "+files[f].getName());
                                        log.debug("Add the file name: "+files[f].getName()+" to the list");
                }catch(IOException ioe){
                        //TODO: log some error here
                        log.error("The directory is not found or not a directory.",ioe);
                        eAlert.setEmBody("The directory: "+directory+" is not found or not a directory in the source: "+getHost());

In you code, I realize you missed the closing curly bracket, I assume that just a cut-and-paste mistake.
The most important is that yo have to catch the exception for this, the listfiles method itself throws exception.

Good luck

"What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember.
And what I do, I understand."
~ Chinese Proverb

Kurt Kurniawan

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Subject: [Net] I'm having a problem using the listList files method in
the FTPClient class

I'm using FTPClient class to write an FTP client. I've searched some
examples on the internet of how to use the class methods. In the various
examples I've found the listFiles method is always used in the same way, but
when I try yo connect to an FTP server and use it I don't get any file. I've
tried several FTP servers and it happens in all of them, also, I've used
variants of the method, calling it with and without parameters. I've
successfuly changed the working directory to a directory that I know that
contains files and it still does not work. This is the piece of code:

 FTPClient f= new FTPClient();

 FTPFile[] files = f.listFiles();
System.out.println("Number of files in the directory: " + files.length);
 for(int i=0;i< files.length;i++){
 System.out.println("files:" + files[i].getName());

I can't find why it does not work. If someone could point me the error I
would appreciate it.


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