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RandomAccessContent and writing

I'm really enjoying VFS, but I just came across something that bummed me
out.  It seems that none of the RandomAccessContents implement any
writing capabilities.  They all extend from
AbstractRandomAccessStreamContent which only forced people to expose a
DataInputStream.  I was just looking at the javadoc linked from the
homepage though, and the classes that extend this class don't exist any
more (SftpRandomAccessContent for example...I'm using v1.0).  Did
something change for the better in the nightly builds?  If not, was
there a reason no OutputDataStreams were implemented?  It doesn't seem
like it would have been very hard to do.  I'd be interested in doing it
for you, but it seems I'll have to learn what changed first in the
trunk.  I'm also more inclined to put the changes into v1.0 because that
is a stable release and I need this for a production release.  Please
let me know if any changes have been made or if I can help.


P.S. There doesn't seem to be a link to download the V1.0 from the
download and build page any more...why not?

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