Seeking volunteer mentors from all Apache projects to help mentor under-represented contributors

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Seeking volunteer mentors from all Apache projects to help mentor under-represented contributors

Katia Rojas
Hello folks,

The ASF has successfully been accepted as a participating FOSS community in
the Outreachy Program to work with Outreachy organisers to offer remote
internships to applicants around the world.  With this program, we are
looking forward to improving inclusion in our communities by understanding
what are the barriers that underrepresented groups in the tech industry
have while trying to start their journey.

Outreachy's goal is to support people from groups underrepresented in the
technology industry. Outreachy interns will work remotely with mentors on
projects ranging from programming, user experience, documentation,
illustration and graphic design, to data science. Outreachy interns will
receive stipends for developing said projects full-time for three months.

Mentors will provide mentoring and project ideas and in return have the
opportunity to get new participants - most importantly - to identify and
bring in new committers from underrepresented groups.

If you are an ASF committer and you want to participate with your project,
we ask you to do the following things by no later than 2019-Sep-17 23:00
UTC (project list submission are due a week later):

   1. Ensure you can host an Outreachy intern
   2. Understand the commitment to be a mentor. *Please read [1] [4].*
   3. Ensure we can capture a contribution friction log from your interns.
   We will come back to you with more information about this requirement. This
   requirement could be that you fill up a specific report for the friction
   log. Please take this into account along with the Outreachy
   4. Get consensus from your project’s PMC about the previous points and
   move to the next step.
   5. Register your project in the Outreachy website. You will find the
   form (required internship project details and optional internship project
   details) in the following website *[2]. *The form is pretty detailed;
   just follow the instructions. Also, you'll find some tips on what makes a
   good project in *[3]. *We can review your project proposal  before you
   submit it. In that case, please, send us your proposal including the
   information required in *[2]**.* Please be as specific as possible when
   describing your idea. Include the programming language, the tools and
   skills required, but try not to scare potential students away. They are
   supposed to learn what's required before the program starts. Use labels,
   e.g. for the programming language (java, c, c++, erlang, python, brainfuck,
   ...) or technology area (cloud, xml, web, foo, bar, ...). You can see an
   example project submission at *[6].*
   6. Curate a list of tasks for your Outreachy project *[5]**.*Add an
   “outreachy19dec” label to issues related to your project. You should
   include links to search filters listing these issues in your project
   application. It’s also useful to use a “newbie-friendly” label to
   distinguish the starter tasks from the larger or more complex project
   tasks. This will provide tasks for applicants to complete during the
   application process. If your project doesn't use JIRA (e.g.httpd, ooo), you
   can use the Diversity & Inclusion board to coordinate with your applicants,
   just use the “Outreachy” component. Use of the Jira labels should be
   portable to other bug trackers.




[4]The Outreachy mentor contract
<>, which you as
an individual will be required to sign.



If you want help crafting your project proposal, please contact the Apache
coordinators: "Matt Sicker" <[hidden email]>,. "Awasum Yannick" <
[hidden email]>,. "Katia Rojas" <[hidden email]>.