[VFS] Skipped Tests and missing test-data while implementing own provider

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[VFS] Skipped Tests and missing test-data while implementing own provider

Bernd Eckenfels

in my new VFS2 Providers I managed to use the abstract testing framework  
 from the org.apache.commons:commons-vfs2:tests package. However I have two  
problems with that.

First of all, I am not sure how to provide the local test-data directory  
based on the Apache JAR file. Right now I have checked in the  
src/test/resources/test-data/ directory in my project, but I want to avoid  

Secondly, some of the tests require quite a lot of capabilities. I noticed  
that because my Provider passed all the tests but was not yet finished.  
For example I dont have LIST_CHILDREN (yet) which skips all the  

There really should be more fine grained tests. (I noticed some commented  
out code to print the skiped tests, should we maybe enable that with a  
property so you can use it in your own providers to check the amount of  
skiped tests?)

I had a look at JUnit, but it seems not to bee too easy to dynamically  
mark a test skipped (I would have expected a specual exception). We would  
have to provide a special runner. What are you thinking?


PS: sorry for all those mails :)

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