[Validator] Using Validator in multi-ClassLoader Environment

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[Validator] Using Validator in multi-ClassLoader Environment

Simon Lengaigne

I'm using validator in a Rich Client Plaftorm Framework based on Eclipse
RCP. Eclipse has a multi ClassLoader core.

To answer to our needs, we would like to declare validation rules based
on wrappers which aren't only from the same ClassLoader than Validator
instance. They can be in different ClassLoaders than Validator's one.

Can Validator API manage this in his current implementation?

If it can't, we are considering to extend the API. We want to change the
way in which the wrappers instances are loaded in ValidatorAction class.

Here are the diff?rents steps :
Extend ValidatorAction to load the wrappers instances using the
eclipse's internal tools.
Extend ValidatorResources to handle the extended ValidatorAction class
and to give to them all the needed informations .

Is it a good solution? If not, have you any idea?

Thanks for your help,

Ps : Sorry for my English

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