[beanutils] converting HTTP params into an arbitrary object model

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[beanutils] converting HTTP params into an arbitrary object model


I have spent a day researching and prototyping with various open-source
options available which facilitate converting an HTTP request's
parameters into an object model of javabeans in a JPA persistence

I don't want to re-invent the wheel and I was quite confident that
BeanUtils could handle it all, but I have now come across some areas
where I need to code it myself.

I just wanted to ask BeanUtils developers what the future holds in terms
of my aims, as I'll take that as guidance on how much to code around
BeanUtils and how much to compromise to get what I need, when there's a
strong chance of being able to ditch the code I'll have to write now, to
replace it with ideally just a couple of calls to BeanUtils.

The main thing I have to work around is the inability of a custom
Converter to know what class of entity beans belong in a list or set. If
the Converter could see the entity bean owning the list (the parent in
the parent-child entity relationship), then in Java 1.5+ it could work
out by reflection how it has been parameterized with generics and which
child entity bean belongs in the list.

Just in case you were going to point me to OGNL to do this, thanks but
I've been there and have some other issues with that.

Best regards

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