commons-configuration reload() how to do it?

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commons-configuration reload() how to do it?

Hi Oliver,

thanks for your advice!

> Your observation that reload() only performs a reload if the
> reloading
> strategy considers this necessary (which is never for the default
> reloading strategy) is correct.
> Maybe an overloaded reload() method with a boolean force flag
> would make
> sense to make this more convenient?

Yes. For me it seems most logical to hide the current reload method (rename
it to something like reload_internal() and make it private/protected) and
create a reload method which actually reloads.
In the current implementation, the reload() method is useless (from a users
point of view): either it does not reload or the config will be
automatically reloaded when a property is accessed - no need to call

I understand the rationale behind the reload approach in
commons-configuration, but i think it is a common use case to load config,
work with it and at some point of time explicitly reload it. If you don't
agree, a hint in the documentation (explicitly calling reload does nothing
for you) would help other users for sure.

thanks again,
best regards,