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[compress] resource leak in example code

Stefan Bodewig
Hi all

https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/COMPRESS-486 highlights a problem
of the code inside the example package. The methods with stream or
channel arguments create wrapper objects around said streams or channels
and never close them. They don't close them because this in turn would
close the passed in streams or channels - and that wouldn't seem right
as the methods don't own them.

One approach I came up with is to add overloads with callbacks that
receice the wrapper instance. See
in a branch for what I mean.

I toyed with the idea of returning the wrapper object from expand/create
but this would still leave the resources unclosed if an exception
occured while expanding/creating the archive.

An alternative I see is to "simply" close the wrappers ourselves and
document the methods will do so. If people need to keep their streams
open they must decorate their stream/channel with some NoClose
wrappers. Given this is example code I wouldn't feel too bad, even if it
breaks backwards compatibility in a way.



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