[daemon] Procrun: Single quote character in --JvmOptions values

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[daemon] Procrun: Single quote character in --JvmOptions values

William Brafford

Is there a way to escape single quotes in arguments to --JvmOptions for procrun? I see in the documents that single quotes can be used to embed # or ; characters, but I don’t see any options for escaping a single quote.

The use case I have in mind is passing in file paths as JVM options. For example, "-Dspecial.file.path=C:\my\file\path". In Windows, single quote characters are valid in file paths, so my application may need to start with an argument like "-Dspecial.file.path=C:\Users\user's account\stuff”. I haven’t been able to find a way to pass in such an argument.


-William Brafford