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[daemon] Running jvsc directly.

Brendan McAndrew
 I'm trying to run my application as a daemon using jvsc directly and implementing the below methods instead of implementing the Daemon class itself.  However if I try to invoke jvsc without including the commons-daemon.jar in the class path (as per the example below in the documentation)  I get the following error:

Cannot find daemon loader org/apache/commons/daemon/support/DaemonLoader
java_init failed

Is it possible to use jvsc without including the commons-daemon.jar in the classpath?

Many thanks

Write a Class (MyClass) that implements the following methods:
*        void init(String[] arguments): Here open configuration files, create a trace file, create ServerSockets, Threads
*        void start(): Start the Thread, accept incoming connections
*        void stop(): Inform the Thread to terminate the run(), close the ServerSockets
*        void destroy(): Destroy any object created in init()
Store it in a jarfile and use as above:

./jsvc -cp my.jar MyClass

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