[digester] Release Candidate 1.7 RC2 ready for review

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[digester] Release Candidate 1.7 RC2 ready for review

Simon Kitching
Hi All,

Release Candidate #2 of commons-digester-1.7 is now available at:

It would be greatly appreciated if interested parties would
 * download and test the jar file with their applications
 * download and unpack the src and bin distributions, and
   verify that the contents are all as expected
 * browse the updated website (in the site subdirectory) and
   look for any errors.

When checking the proposed new website, please be careful of absolute
URLs; there are a few of them in the site and there's no point
proofreading the *existing* site :).

Please also note that a few of the links on the proposed site point off
to absolute URLs which don't yet have the appropriate content installed
in them. The fact that they are absolute URLs should make these obvious.

The changes from RC1 to RC2 are trivial; see file "rc2.txt" in the
directory linked to above for details.



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