[geometry] 1.0-beta1 Release Proposal

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[geometry] 1.0-beta1 Release Proposal

Matt Juntunen

I propose releasing commons-geometry 1.0-beta1. I will serve as the release manager and use a similar approach to how we did commons-numbers a few months back. Here are a few notes on the release:

  *   This will be a beta release. No guarantees are made for stability or compatibility with future releases.
  *   The package coordinates for the project will not be modified; they will remain as org.apache.commons.geometry.xxx as they would during a standard release.
  *   The release branch will be 1.0-beta1-release.
  *   The first release candidate tag will be commons-geometry-1.0-beta1-rc1. The final release tag will be rel/commons-geometry-1.0-beta1.

Let me know if any of the above looks incorrect. I plan on starting the release candidate shortly.

Matt J