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svn commit: r179754 - /jakarta/commons/proper/betwixt/branches/RELEASE_0_6_1_BRANCH/RELEASE-NOTES.txt

Author: rdonkin
Date: Fri Jun  3 02:19:09 2005
New Revision: 179754

Added changes to release notes


Modified: jakarta/commons/proper/betwixt/branches/RELEASE_0_6_1_BRANCH/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
--- jakarta/commons/proper/betwixt/branches/RELEASE_0_6_1_BRANCH/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (original)
+++ jakarta/commons/proper/betwixt/branches/RELEASE_0_6_1_BRANCH/RELEASE-NOTES.txt Fri Jun  3 02:19:09 2005
@@ -18,4 +18,50 @@
 made to some semantics. It is believed that the impact of these changes should
 be minimal.
-For more details see the tasks document.
\ No newline at end of file
+For more details see the tasks and change log documents.
+ * Fixed bug in nested element diagnosing empty elements.
+ * Added support for polymorphic mappings.
+    This allows the type of a property to be guessed at bind time
+    (rather than at compile time).
+ * Added options to context. This replaces direct flavour mechanism.
+   (Flavour becomes just a specific option).
+ * Factored out id storage into strategy
+ * anonymous collections now allowed in betwixt files
+ * Improved introspection support for DynaBeans
+ * Improved introspection for interfaces superinterface
+    properties now checked.
+ * Attribute suppression - Betwixt now allows the
+    expression of certain values to be suppressed through a custom strategy.
+ * Custom Dot Betwixt Documents - custom dot betwixt
+    documents can be passed in directly.
+ * Multi mapping documents allowing several mappings to be
+    specified within a single document.
+ * Improved support for derived beans bind time type
+    population now supported and enabled by default
+ * All exceptions are now complex
+ * PropertySuppressionStrategy added which allows
+    course grained control of those properties which should be ignored by Betwixt.
+ * Improved support for java.util collections API implementations.
+    Betwixt now recognizes additional properties on custom collection implementations.
+ * ObjectStringConverter.objectToString replaced by method without flavour in signature
+ * ObjectStringConverter.stringToObject replaced by method without flavour in signature
+ * Betwixt now (by default) suppresses the expression of all empty attributes.
+ The old behaviour can be restored by setting the ValueSuppressionStrategy
+ of the BindingConfiguration used by the writer to
+ ValueSuppressionStrategy.ALLOW_ALL_VALUES
+ * Betwixt now defaults to bind time type mapping. Now read beans will (by default)
+ be populated by their bind time type (as opposed to their introspection time type).
+ Most users should notice no negative effects from this change. The previous behaviour
+ can be enabled by setting an introspection configuration property.
+ * All exceptions are now complex types. This is now more consistent but the default
+ binding for exceptions in java.lang package have been changed from simple to complex.
+ * Properties on collection implementations are now recognized (rather than ignored)
+ by Betwixt. Please use an appropriate ClassNormalizer for implementations
+ that need to hide their extra properties.

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