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[uom][math][numbers] Request for feedback on Units of Measurement library

Thomas Neidhart
Hi all,

recently I had more time to work on open source and I always wanted to
work on a fully typed Units of Measurements library.

My initial results can be found here:


Its already fully functional, I am working on more unit tests,
documentation and as many units / quantities as possible.

It uses the BigFraction / Fraction class of commons-math /
commons-numbers internally (I copied the source for now as I had to make
some small modifications).

The main page of the project explain some basic uses of the library.

In general it allows to do things like that:

Length l1 = Length.of(1, Units.SI.METRE);
Length l2 = Length.of(4, Units.Imperial.YARD);

Length l3 = l1.add(l2);


It supports using quantities in double or decimal precision using the
BigDecimal class if this is needed.

I would be very grateful if somebody with an interest in this topic
could take a look and provide feedback.

Thanks & Regards,

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